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On 8 June 2010 the Republic of Karelia celebrates the 90th Anniversary of its foundation. This event has a great significance not only at the regional level but also at the federal level. The President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev signed the decree “About celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the Republic of Karelia” #169 from 16.02.2009. Organizing Committee on the preparation for the celebration is headed by the First Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation V. Zubkov. Government decree ¹1667 from 5.11.2009 adopted the Plan of the events of the celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the Republic of Karelia.

Exhibition “Karelian Economy: yesterday, today, tomorrow” is one of the central events of the celebration. The exhibition will be opened on the day of the Anniversary – on 8 June 2010. The venue is Exhibition and entertainment centre “Kaleidoscope” Varkaus embankment 12, Petrozavodsk.

Taking into account the high level of the invited guests the exhibition will become the place for meetings of representatives of Russian and foreign business circles, members of parliament, chiefs of federal and regional authorities, scientists, public men. Enterprises which are forming the basis of Karelian economy will take place in the exhibition. The organizer of the exhibition is the Government of the Republic of Karelia.

A widespread advertising campaign in Mass Media, edition of exhibition participants catalogue will be realized during the preparation for the exhibition. We invite you to take part in the exhibition and to take advantage of the event. The official operator of the exhibition is Exhibition Agency “Euroforum”.

All the necessary information about the exhibition you can get by tel/fax( 8142) 76-83-00, 76-87-96, or by e-mail: euroforum@karelia.ru

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