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Plan of exhibitions for 2012




February, 25

Real estate mortgage in Karelia.

March, 28-29

XXXI international specialized exhibition

« StroyExpo»

Building, building equipment and technologies; building and finishing materials; tools. Projecting and design. Energy-saving equipment and technologies.

Landscape architecture and design. Planting of greenery, garden and park supply,

phytodesign, pools and aqua parks, small architecture forms. Tools and equipment for gardening and parking.

April, 13-14


VIII specialized exhibition

«Youth: Education and Career»

Secondary and higher professional education. Education abroad. Additional education. Centers of vocational guidance. Multimedia. Mobile connection. Computers and components. Internet technologies.

May, 30-31 – June, 1


XVIII specialized exhibition

«Health of Karelia. The world of health and beauty»

Medical equipment, tools. Diagnostic equipment. Modern medical technologies. Optics. Pharmaceutical drugs. Rehabilitation means. Make-up. Healthy food.



XIII specialized exhibition

«Karelia Food»

Equipment for food and drinks production. Packaging machines and materials. Refrigerating and trade equipment. Food. Alcohol and soft drinks. Agricultural raw materials. Technologies of agricultural products processing. Equipment for fish and seafood processing.



spesialized exhibition-conference

«Small and medium business of the Republic of Karelia»




December, 5-6


VIII international specialized exhibition

«Karelian Stone»

Raw and mineral base for production of items of stone and non-metallic materials. Projecting and science supply of the field; innovations in raw and mineral base reproduction, software in subsurface use. Modern technologies and equipment for minefield exploration.

Additional equipment (cranes, bulldozers, excavating machines, compression pumps etc.). Modern technologies, machines, equipment and tools for stone and stone waste processing. Means of stone items care. Diamond and grinding tools, expendable materials etc. Facing stone. Stone items, souvenirs. Investment projects.

December, 5-6


IV specialized exhibition

«Karelian roads»

Road-building, public-service and specialized machines. Materials for road-building. New technologies of building, reconstruction, repairing and maintenance of roads, bridges and overhead roads.

Road signs, guardrails, barriers, balusters, lifting gates. Reflective surface materials. Lighting equipment for highways, garages and parkings. Road side service; redevelopment of road sides.

Lease holding of building machines and equipment.

Road building programmes investment.



intersectorial exhibition-fair

«Christmas Present»

Exhibition-fair of gifts, souvenirs, toys, tableware, clothes, shoes, make-up, bijouterie, fancy goods, drinks, confectionary.


Dates changes are possible.



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